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Please transfer the total amount to the following Western Union account.

IMPORTANT! - Send your Western Union payment to:





If your order amount is over 1000 USD please do not send payment to that receiver. Demand a new receiver name by mailing to [email protected]

(Important) Be sure that you choose USD as the pick up currency. Otherwise the payment will not be received since WU applies huge fees to convert currencies.

*** We kindly request make western union payments by going a local western union agency or bank. Don't pay through online. We have troubles to pick up the payments are made online in these days.

Visit a local Western Union agent to send money (look at the closest agent
from Also You're able to pay online from their
site.-Western union is designed for people to send money to family and
friends, it is not supposed to be used for business if they realize this is
business they will stop the transaction. Do not tell them that this is for
business of any kind, tell them it is for a family member or friend in need
if asked! After you've made the payment mail us the following

1- Sender's Full Name
2- Money transfer control number (MTCN) It occurs 10 digits.
3- Exact amount you sent.
4- Order number
5- Receiver's Full Name

You must make the payment within 3 days otherwise, we may not pick up the
money. If you could not pay within 3 days you should mail
us([email protected]) to learn new receiver name for payment. Because,
Receiver name might have been changed the while.

Note 1: The Western union reciever's and sender's name should be spelled

Note 2: The money should be sent the currency which you selected during
placing your order.

Note 3: Do not use a secret question or secret answer for the payment!

Your order will not ship until we receive payment.