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Ultima-Oxa 10 Mg 50 Tablets Ultima Pharma

Ultima-Oxa 10 Mg 50 Tablets Ultima Pharma
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Ultima-Oxa 10 Mg 50 Tablets Ultima Pharma
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Active Substance

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient: 
50 Tabs x 10 Mg

Ultima Pharma Anavar is a synthetic anabolic steroid that is used by both novice and expert sportsmen to produce a qualitative, relief structure of muscles.

The primary ingredient in the medicine is Oxandrolone, a synthetic steroid developed in the 1960s for medicinal uses (as an immunostimulant for HIV patients, anemia). Initially, this anabolic was marketed under the brand name Anavar, but various analogues have been developed in the sports pharmacology market since the 1980s.

The Ultima-Oxa Effect:

- Increased protein synthesis in muscular fibers; - Formation of well-defined, robust musculature; - Significant improvement in strength and endurance; - Significant subcutaneous fat burning; - Anti-catabolic action.

Dosage, Cycle, and PCT: How to Use Ultima-Oxa

When using Ultima-Oxa on your own, you may easily prevent potential adverse effects (lower libido, loss of appetite, elevated blood pressure, slow erections, and so on) if you follow a few simple guidelines:

- The steroid should be begun at a low dose (10-20 mg/day) and progressively increased.

- The recommended daily dosage for an adult man is 80-100 mg.

- The dose should be progressively lowered to the minimal amount during the last two weeks of the course.

- Ultima-Oxa solo courses last 6 to 8 weeks on average.

According to evaluations, Ultima-Oxa is often used to boost muscular strength or muscle development relief; women may also take it with a maximum dose of 40 mg.

Cycles of Ultima-Oxa Combination

Since the final week of the course, it is suggested to purchase Tamoxifen (or Nolvadex) and utilize it at a dose of 10 mg per day for 2-3 weeks to restore Testosterone production.

You may combine the medicine with other steroids (for example, Sustanon, Testosterone, or Primobolan) to boost the efficiency of weight gain programs. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor to determine your body's susceptibility to such hepatic stressors.

Ultima-Oxa Evaluations

When it comes to Ultima-Oxa reviews, most sportsmen on the forums warn of the drug's lack of efficacy throughout the weight-gain phase. The steroid is typically utilized prior to competition since it has a fat-burning effect and helps to develop a quality, well-defined musculature. According to reviews, Ultima-Oxa has minimal liver toxicity and has no aromatization impact.

Keep out of the reach of youngsters. Only for adults.

Active Substance

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