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Anapolon 50 Mg 20 Tablets Abdi Ibrahim

Anapolon 50 Mg 20 Tablets Abdi Ibrahim
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Anapolon 50 Mg 20 Tablets Abdi Ibrahim
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20 Tablets (50 mg/tab)
ManufacturerAbdi Ibrahim

What is Anapolon 50 MG Abdi Ibrahim?

Oxymetholone, also known as Anadrol

Oxymetholone, which is what Anadrol is, is a manufactured steroid drug that comes in tablet form. For oral use, it is a strong anabolic and androgenic drug.

An anabolic steroid is what Anadrol is. When the diet has enough calories, it helps the nitrogen balance. Anadrol works in a way that is similar to testosterone, and when given to children, it can seriously slow down their sexual and physical growth. Kids who take this drug generally end up with gross physical traits and problems with their sexual function.

Drugs and drugs

A drug called Oxymetholone is used to sell Anadrol. Its half-life is about 8 to 10 hours. This means it stays in your body two to four times longer. What makes it stay in the body longer is that it sticks to fatty cells and gets stored there.

Biochemical tests have shown that up to two months after the last dose, Anadrol can still be found in the body. This drug doesn't work well for many body builders because its half-life is so long. Most experts say it's a good drug to use during the off-season to build muscle.

Some hints

Anadrol has been used in clinical medicine to treat anemia caused by a number of different conditions. Aplastic anemia, acquired aplastic anemia, hereditary aplastic anemia, myleofibrosis, and anemia caused by immunosuppressant drugs are the most common types of anemia that Anadrol is used to treat. You can't get iron, a blood donation, vitamins, folic acid, or other nutrients from anadrol. This medicine is only used to treat these types of anemia when none of the other treatments have worked.

People with serious osteoporosis and people who are HIV-positive have also been told to take this drug to treat wasting. But most doctors don't recommend it anymore because they are more aware of the bad effects it might have.

How much to dose
How much Anadrol you take depends on how much you weigh. This is between 1.5 and 2 mg/kg (50 to 200 mg/week) for both adults and kids. When Anadrol is used to treat any of the above health problems, it never works right away. It could take at least two to three weeks. When used to treat aplastic anemia, a slightly smaller amount is needed in some people to keep it working. Anadrol can only be bought as a pill; it is never given through an IV.

Effects on Others

There are some things you should know before you take Anadrol. Because it is a strong steroid, anadrol can cause a number of side effects, such as:

If Gelbsucht is taken before puberty, it can cause liver cancer. If it is taken after puberty, it can cause penile shrinkage and a low sperm count.
impotence and painful erections in women– clitoral swelling, inconsistent periods
Not getting enough sleep
Gynecomastia is when your breasts get bigger, your voice gets deeper, and your hair grows too fast. You may also feel tired all the time and have high blood sugar.
Advice on how to deal with prostate cancer in men Brustkrebs women with breast cancer who are pregnant women who have liver problems
people who are allergic to the drug
Building bodies
Anadrol is a drug that a lot of sports and body builders use. It's a fairly cheap anabolic drug that works very well. On the black market, it's easy to get the drug. An awful lot of body builders get their stuff online or from fake scripts. The drug is also often brought in illegally from Thailand and Mexico.

When Anadrol is taken by mouth, it starts to make you gain weight slowly. After 3 to 4 weeks, you should see effects. There are internet rumors that you can gain weight in just one to two weeks, but these are not true at all. The medicine takes a while to work. Most athletes need to take it for at least three to six weeks to keep the weight on. A lot of athletes also use growth hormone and thyroxin to recover the drug. One big side effect of Anadrol is that it makes you hold on to water. But most players say that this extra water helps protect the joints from getting hurt.

Another thing that a lot of people say about Anadrol is that it does help the body heal much more quickly after getting hurt.

It should only be used in small amounts because it has strong side effects and could cause liver cancer. To keep their size, many body builders take the drug again and again every few months. Other anabolic drugs are used instead of Anadrol.

According to new information, Anadrol can also have brain affects that are hard to predict. People who use the drug for a long time have been known to have mental problems. People who take this drug for long amounts of time have been said to become violent, angry, and irritable at random.

Body builders don't have a set amount. Most bodybuilding experts say to start with 50 mg a day for two to three weeks and then slowly increase it to 75 mg if there is no reaction. On the other hand, the drug shouldn't be taken for more than 6 to 8 weeks at a time. Anadrol comes in a number of different brands, such as Thai 50 and Strol V. There are also a lot of reports of fake and damaged goods.

Cost: Anadrol is a drug that costs a lot. It costs between $150 and $200 for 100 tablets.

In charge

The fact that Anadrol is abused by many people has led to tighter controls on its use and sale in North America. From the Controlled Substance Act's Schedule 111 list of drugs, anadrol is one of them. It needs to be prescribed by a doctor. If someone is found with the drug with the intent to sell or give it to other people, they could face big fines or even jail time.

Find Out
All sports leagues now don't allow the drug, and players are regularly tested for it. When tests come back positive, the player is generally suspended. For 20 to 45 days after the last dose, it is easy to find anadrol and its byproducts in the pee.

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