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Elidel 30 Gr 1 Tube Meda Pharm
International Domestic
Brand: MEDA TR
Manufacturer: MEDA Pharm TurkeySubstance:  PimecrolimusPack: 1 tube (30g)..
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Gynodel (Parlodel) 2,5 Mg 30 Tabs. MEDA TR
International Domestic -12 %
Brand: MEDA TR
Substance: BromocriptinePack: 30 Tablets (2.5 mg/tab)Recommended Dosage: 2.5-15 mg dailyDuration: 8-12 weeksManufacturer: M E D A TR..
$22 $25
Ex Tax:$22
Parlodel 2.5 Mg 30 Tablets Meda EXP
International Domestic
Brand: MEDA TR
This product has expired. However, expiration dates are entirely the manufacturer's policy. The product works smoothly. It is kept in its packaging in a healthy way.  For this reason, you can buy it at cheap prices. We recommend you not to miss this opportunity. Limited in stocks.10-2019..
Ex Tax:$4
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